Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Flowers and Forgiveness for the One Who Broke My Heart"

At the point of forgiveness is freedom. I know because I've been there. Three years ago, a perfect stranger called me and in the midst of heartbreak, with great wisdom, he spoke to my (then) current situation. He later told me, "...one day you'll send that man flowers and a note saying thank you for getting out of my life." Apostle Ron was so right! Back then, I was so hurt and angry by the complete and utter hell I had been put through. It just didn't seem fair that someone could effortlessly break someone so easily. I was a different person then. Innocence bred an ignorance that made me believe that my dedication and the pureness of my love could heal a broken person, and that person in return would fulfill their word, and do right by me. It was a hard lesson learned but I understand now more than ever, that only two individuals can change the foundation of a person- that person (themselves) and their Creator.

Today, one thing I know for sure is that freedom for me came when I could forgive. Boy was it hard! I wanted him to pay! I wanted the time he stole back... but that's not the direction I was supposed to take. I could hear a whisper in my spirit say, "Whatever direction he goes, you take the opposite route. Move on, forgive him and let go of the pain." I came to understand that forgiveness was for me more than it could ever be for him. That in order to live the life I was meant to live, I had to let go and forgive.

This didn't mean that I had to have a conversation with this individual. It didn't mean that I ever had to speak to him again, it simply meant that with all my heart, I had to release the pain, hurt, and disrespect. I had to let the past die and understand that although he took a lot from me, this man owed me nothing. That God is the one who gets vengeance not me. That God would restore me. It was a process. A very painful yet progressive and then peaceful process. It took daily effort and a small number of family and friends but God picked me up, and from the ashes came the most beautiful version of me. Stronger, lighter, wiser.

So to Mr. "You know who you are" I've forgiven you years ago. However, this is my "thank you and flowers." Thank you for showing me time after time you were not meant to be in my life, and for going your way. The best thing I could have done was to walk away from you but the greatest thing was to forgive you.

A year ago, my mother asked that I shake the pain and get my smile back so that I don't "miss the prince God has for me." Well mom, my smile is not only back but it's big and it's genuine. Whomever the beautiful man is God has for me, he won't miss this smile! I'm in God's perfect peace, and when God says it's time, I'm in the perfect place to love him from my soul and with all of my whole, healed and blessed heart!

To the person out there enduring the pain of a broken heart or who's a prisoner in a relationship, know that there's no heartbreak that God can't fix. You just have to take the first step in the direction of getting out of that unhealthy place. Then watch and see where you end up when you let go, move onward, and truly experience genuine forgiveness. Better to go through the process of healing from a broken heart then to spend years with a person who's not meant to be. Complete forgiveness won't happen overnight but with every effort you make, you'll feel the pain fade and happiness reside.

I've been in the broken place, and now I'm in complete peace, and one thing I can say is it's SO much better here! Oh, and all those things fear is telling you- they're lies! You WILL love again, you're not too old, you're not too damaged, (if you have kids) your little ones will be okay, and there is nothing  a toxic "significant other" has that you can't get on your own or elsewhere. God will provide and true happiness will overwhelm you but it all starts with you. It all starts with your choice.

I'd love for you to share this blog because I believe you know at least one person who needs to hear it. Thank you.



Walker's Legacy in DC: How to Survive Business and Personal Failure

It's not everyday you get to be on location at Microsoft in the nation's capital (pause for happy dance)!  While the location was an amazing experience, even more, I enjoyed the conversation. Walker's Legacy hosted an intimate event jam-packed with inspiration, and I captured some words of wisdom from the night! If you or someone you know is dealing with any form of loss or discouragement, here's a vlog that will give you hope in getting back up, and trying again! Comment, Share, and Enjoy!

Friday, November 13, 2015

I Never Knew I Could, Until I Did: My First 10K! Why You Should Run Yours!

There's nothing like the feeling of crossing a finish line. It's empowering! So you'd think the most exciting part of finishing my first 10K would be crossing the finish line (which was really awesome) but it wasn't the most exciting part. For me, it was trekking across the Bay Bridge, and running past each mile marker- my most exciting part was the journey.

Surprisingly, I ran most of it! Still it was tiring, I had my doubts, and my main concern was if my body could handle the run. 7 years ago, the complete surprise of an Auto Immune condition (I'll share the details in another blog), put me in a state where I was unable to do any physical exercise, other than use the bike at the gym. Thank God for miracles! Nowadays, I'm much healthier and having my life back- I've hiked, danced, yoga'd (I know that's not a word), and so much more and it's been great... but I've feared running. Every thought had told me I couldn't do it. When my best-friend invited me to sign up for the "Across the Bay 10K" back in June, I was nervous but knew I had to face my fear.

When I started training for the 10K, I'd run two miles here two miles there and stop and walk. I was terrified to push myself. Then things changed. The weekend before the run, I hit DC with a friend and ran the National Mall...it was tough but as the African Proverb says, "If you want to run fast run alone, if you want to run far run together." Having company took me out of my thoughts  and before I knew it, we had hit 8 miles, and that was my first victory! It was mind over matter. I couldn't believe I had just run (with some walking) 8 miles! I had never done that in my life! After this, I was confident I was "10K Ready!"

...Until fear crept in and declared..."Ok, you can do the 10K but what happens if (insert multiple thoughts of fear)... play it safe and walk it."

That Sunday came and how invigorating! Our crew was about 14 strong and everyone was so excited. My plan was to walk and try to run a little but boy was I surprised! Our team broke up when we crossed the starting line and I ended up with 3 of our crew (aka my Mini-squad). We just started running up the bridge...we passed the 2 mile marker..still running..then 3. We'd walk for a few  minutes (and pose for the professional photographers- pictures below), which was the perfect opportunity to take in the scenery, and recognize how grateful I was to have the physical ability to run this race.

Before I knew it, I saw 6 miles but there was still a little stretch..and I wanted to stop but 1) my people weren't allowing that to happen and 2) neither was my heart...I needed this personal "win." The Finish line came before I knew it and I had accomplished my first 10K!

Being healthy is a gift. Breaking barriers and doing things I never thought I could is a blessing. Funny how a run across a bridge can be the voice of wisdom you need that reminds you that, "Nothing is impossible." So if you're feeling down, depressed, or like giving up or quitting, I urge you to sign-up and get out and walk... jog or even run a 10K! You'll see why I say so when you cross that finish line!




LT is Officially in the DMV: FALLING IN LOVE WITH FALL

Running laps at Centennial Park in Maryland! Uber excited over my first Fall in (what feels like) 1,000 years...but really more like 12.

#LTintheDMV is a hashtag I've been using for awhile..I've always loved the DC, MD, and VA area and so moving here is a dream come true! I saw it only fitting to create some space on my blog where I can share my running around, new adventures and experiences. Furthermore, I LOVE meeting new people and talking about EVERYTHING, so I hope to branch out and interview business owners, artists, life changers, politicians, and just good folks with amazing stories, here in the Capital area! Check my blog from time to time for more LTintheDMV entertainment ;) I'm not known for having dull days so it should be fun! Also,  if you know someone I can feature or a restaurant/place I should visit put me in the know: Message me.

About the photo above: My best friend introduced me to Centennial park. It was one of my first stops and I fell in love! It has the perfect running course that outlines a lake and beautiful nature, and the Fall foilage has me going crazy! I'm loving all these amarillo, anaranadjo, y rojo hojas! Word has it, the park has won multiple awards for it's landscape and design and it only makes sense- wildflowers, birds, boats, it's definitely a place I'll be visiting often.

I have yet to scratch the surface with all the places to visit and things to do but so far, it feels good to be home :)


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