Friday, November 13, 2015

I Never Knew I Could, Until I Did: My First 10K! Why You Should Run Yours!

There's nothing like the feeling of crossing a finish line. It's empowering! So you'd think the most exciting part of finishing my first 10K would be crossing the finish line (which was really awesome) but it wasn't the most exciting part. For me, it was trekking across the Bay Bridge, and running past each mile marker- my most exciting part was the journey.

Surprisingly, I ran most of it! Still it was tiring, I had my doubts, and my main concern was if my body could handle the run. 7 years ago, the complete surprise of an Auto Immune condition (I'll share the details in another blog), put me in a state where I was unable to do any physical exercise, other than use the bike at the gym. Thank God for miracles! Nowadays, I'm much healthier and having my life back- I've hiked, danced, yoga'd (I know that's not a word), and so much more and it's been great... but I've feared running. Every thought had told me I couldn't do it. When my best-friend invited me to sign up for the "Across the Bay 10K" back in June, I was nervous but knew I had to face my fear.

When I started training for the 10K, I'd run two miles here two miles there and stop and walk. I was terrified to push myself. Then things changed. The weekend before the run, I hit DC with a friend and ran the National was tough but as the African Proverb says, "If you want to run fast run alone, if you want to run far run together." Having company took me out of my thoughts  and before I knew it, we had hit 8 miles, and that was my first victory! It was mind over matter. I couldn't believe I had just run (with some walking) 8 miles! I had never done that in my life! After this, I was confident I was "10K Ready!"

...Until fear crept in and declared..."Ok, you can do the 10K but what happens if (insert multiple thoughts of fear)... play it safe and walk it."

That Sunday came and how invigorating! Our crew was about 14 strong and everyone was so excited. My plan was to walk and try to run a little but boy was I surprised! Our team broke up when we crossed the starting line and I ended up with 3 of our crew (aka my Mini-squad). We just started running up the bridge...we passed the 2 mile marker..still running..then 3. We'd walk for a few  minutes (and pose for the professional photographers- pictures below), which was the perfect opportunity to take in the scenery, and recognize how grateful I was to have the physical ability to run this race.

Before I knew it, I saw 6 miles but there was still a little stretch..and I wanted to stop but 1) my people weren't allowing that to happen and 2) neither was my heart...I needed this personal "win." The Finish line came before I knew it and I had accomplished my first 10K!

Being healthy is a gift. Breaking barriers and doing things I never thought I could is a blessing. Funny how a run across a bridge can be the voice of wisdom you need that reminds you that, "Nothing is impossible." So if you're feeling down, depressed, or like giving up or quitting, I urge you to sign-up and get out and walk... jog or even run a 10K! You'll see why I say so when you cross that finish line!



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