Friday, November 13, 2015

LT is Officially in the DMV: FALLING IN LOVE WITH FALL

Running laps at Centennial Park in Maryland! Uber excited over my first Fall in (what feels like) 1,000 years...but really more like 12.

#LTintheDMV is a hashtag I've been using for awhile..I've always loved the DC, MD, and VA area and so moving here is a dream come true! I saw it only fitting to create some space on my blog where I can share my running around, new adventures and experiences. Furthermore, I LOVE meeting new people and talking about EVERYTHING, so I hope to branch out and interview business owners, artists, life changers, politicians, and just good folks with amazing stories, here in the Capital area! Check my blog from time to time for more LTintheDMV entertainment ;) I'm not known for having dull days so it should be fun! Also,  if you know someone I can feature or a restaurant/place I should visit put me in the know: Message me.

About the photo above: My best friend introduced me to Centennial park. It was one of my first stops and I fell in love! It has the perfect running course that outlines a lake and beautiful nature, and the Fall foilage has me going crazy! I'm loving all these amarillo, anaranadjo, y rojo hojas! Word has it, the park has won multiple awards for it's landscape and design and it only makes sense- wildflowers, birds, boats, it's definitely a place I'll be visiting often.

I have yet to scratch the surface with all the places to visit and things to do but so far, it feels good to be home :)


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