Monday, December 28, 2015

Dating God and Drinking Pretty Coffee

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"I mean... God and I, we hang out all the time but we've never dated before." I uttered this comment in all seriousness but my sister-friend Yvette burst into girlish laughter, tickled by the thought of "dating God." It was an exciting but peculiar thought. I had only twice heard the mention of dating God, once by Pastor Toure` Roberts  in his sermon "Identifying Your Purpose Mate," (as he talked about his experience dating God following a divorce), and this particular day as I drove to meet up with Yvette. (Side Note: Both men and women can "date" God...just an FYI).

I couldn't wait to share the idea with Yvette and get her perspective. We set in DC's Union Market, gitty and fascinated about the concept that had consumed my heart- "If while single, I "date" God, it allows me to continue to be molded by Him, continue to become whole in Him. God will be positioned as the Head of the House, already leading every area of my life. Then, when God says "It's time," He brings my guy into the picture. The man He chose for me will take his place as the Man of the House, and we've got our team (aka power couple)- God, him, me!" 

Yvette listened closely and I could tell she had already begun forming her own thoughts about dating God. While still exploring her thoughts, she shared: " I could ask God what trip he wants to take me on..where we should go for dinner..or for dates?! He would be my provider.... [Since I'm dating Him, I can say] 'God, it's all on you!'" 

Not much of a coffee drinker but excited about a cappuccino with a design, I sipped my "pretty coffee" and at this point, I knew Yvette and I had discovered something bigger than the both of us. I've always understood that the closer a woman gets to God before her spouse enters her life, the closer her and her husband stand to be. Being close to God can only make us better women for our purpose and even more, the best wives for our predestined husbands (and vice versa). However, who knew that "dating God" was a part of the plan?!

My Sister-Friend Yvette! She's not only a Heaven-sent friend! She's an amazing Health Coach:YVETTEALMENGOR.COM.

The fact of the matter is, another person cannot be the root of our contentment and happiness. Those two things should root from God and start with self. A spouse is a gift. A teammate. Not a savior. A true marriage starts with God, He's the author of the love story, the counselor through the tough times, and the one responsible for keeping the marriage fresh. God is the glue.

The God Triangle is such a great visual-aid!

He's the reason couples married for 50+ years still nudge each other back and forth, flirting like youngins', and the husband 50 years later, gives the wife butterflies. THAT is the love I desire. So while single, I'm in love with the idea of dating God, knowing that trusting Him, His timing, and growing closer to Him, results in such a beautiful love between me and my predestined "boo thang." ;) #Heeeeeyyy 

.....back to the story:

Hours later, it was obvious that both Yvy and I would be telling God 'yes' to His requests to date. We giggled as we talked about how God's "love languages" are Quality time and Praise, and realized that we'd have to be sure to give Him both while "dating" Him. We were like young girls, talking about a crush...excited about all the blessings to come after each deciding to date God. As we grabbed our bags to head out of Union Market, I took peace in knowing that while I focus on God, He'd put me in the line of vision of my husband when it's time. This is something I'm not to worry about. In the meantime, my only responsibility is to live in the moment and enjoy my life...enjoy the love and presence of God. I could hear a whisper in my heart saying, "Where should we go on our first date?" My reply? "Lord, I know just the place!" 

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A "Blog" thanks to my friend Yvette Almengor for all the always inspiring girl talks, and being okay with me sharing our amazing convo with the world! lol! Love you lady!

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