Saturday, August 12, 2017

Welcome to Chats 4 Change

It's not every day you accept a life changing position as a Community Outreach Specialist, and it leads to the birth of a dream come true, your first TV Talk Show. For me it's a reality, one that I knew would come; although I didn't know how, and I know it's nothing shy of a blessing from God.  

It's a real conversation. A necessary show. Domestic Violence is like the elephant in the room that's destroying everything but no one wants to talk about it...we are. We're making the conversation one that you can have amongst friends, over coffee, at the dinner table. We get real with reality, and even more, we've got a solution source in Sophie Ford, our Expert Host. 

Chats 4 Change is a great start to my hosting career and a show that not only Prince George's County, the state of Maryland or the U.S. needs, it's a conversation the world needs. 

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