If you were to ask me to do one job (free of charge) for the rest of my life, I know exactly what I’d do! I’d start conversations about topics that effect people’s lives, and broadcast said convos in every country! I’d create a place where substantial talks happen that give people a voice, answers and solutions, or simply the most powerful thing a person can have- hope.

“[LaToria’s] the type of person who feeds the heart, mind and soul with positive food that leaves you craving to be fed again.”
- Maria Fotiu

My desire is to have an effect so profound on the worlds of media and community, that my actions (whatever I do) leave a legacy, catapult other people’s dreams, and that my inspirational influence is talked about for decades!
Other than that? Me encanta estudiar espaƱol, I dance whenever I hear music, and diversity is a big deal to me! Every time I read Psalm 137:1-18, I know that everything is going to be alright, and I am always down for a new adventure!

When you visit my blog, I want you to feel just as you would if you were sitting on the couch in my home- accepted, comfortable and welcomed!


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